Mobile App Based Solution

With the power of mobile app, employees can exploit the functionality at fingertips.

  • Stay Updated with latest updates
  • “Real Time” data
  • On the go solution and no hardware needed
  • Location based attendance
  • Your own Enterprise mobile solution
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Easy Setup and Support ( Queries ? Call Us )

It’s easy to set up your organization in just a few clicks. Don’t want to do it yourself? We shall do it for you.


HR Process Simplified Irrespective of your Business Size & Industry

All Day-to-day processes on one simple platform. Reduce and save the time you spend on same monotonous work process

  • Automatic employee Updates
  • Managing employee Onboarding to Resignation
  • Complete Employee & Business Management
  • Manage Daily Business Activities
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Process Management & Increased Efficiency

Gopareto helps to simplify employee’s monotonous/ repeating tasks by offloading it to Gopareto. Gopareto as a tool can help you ensure your company compliances are met.

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Cost Effective Solution - Save Time and Money

We donot charge you till your team grows above “3 employees”. Completely free for small teams for 6 months. We would love to grow as your business grows. Increase your productivity by automating your business with Gopareto.

Our Pricing Options

We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. They're great for small companies and large organizations

Just to see what can be achieved

per user per month

  • 3 user and above
  • Core features
  • Basic Support
Very appropriate for the small team

per user per month

  • 50 user and above
  • Core features
  • Premium Support

Best Value

Must have for large companies

per user per month

  • 100 user and above
  • Core features
  • Premium Support
30-day free trial. No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

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GoPareto is one of the easiest and feature packed employee automation apps in the market. Discover what it can do for your business organization right away.

  • Improve Business & Employee Productivity: Enhance your business efficiency and employee output.
  • Reduce Administration Effort & Losses: Save time on administrative tasks and minimize operational losses.
  • Stay Updated: Receive real-time updates and access information on the go with the mobile app.
  • Simplify HR Processes: Manage all HR activities from onboarding to resignation on one platform.
  • Manage Daily Business Activities: Streamline your daily operations and ensure compliance with company policies.
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